Tuesday, 16 February 2016


It's no secret I consider SRWT's publicity seeking in supporting the Save Sheffield Trees movement to be self serving and hypocritical. The elm tree, we remember, that they claimed to support the hair-streak butterfly was used by them to chase support and membership for their organisation. Their concern is bogus.

Meanwhile should we be concerned for the orchard ermine and the rhomboid tortrix moths and others which are supported by hawthorn trees recently felled by SRWT's chain saw mafia?
An excerpt from the Woodland Trust's page about Hawthorn:
Value to wildlifeCommon hawthorn can support more than 300 insects. It is the foodplant for caterpillars of many moths, including the hawthorn, orchard ermine, pear leaf blister, rhomboid tortrix, light emerald, lackey, vapourer, fruitlet mining tortrix, small eggar and lappet moths. Its flowers are eaten by dormice and provide nectar and pollen for bees and other pollinating insects. The haws are rich in antioxidants and are eaten by many migrating birds such as redwings, fieldfares and thrushes, as well as small mammals.The dense thorny foliage makes fantastic nesting shelter for many species of bird.
The evidence that confirms their utter indifference to wildlife and natural beauty is all around. Most criminals seek to hide their crimes. Not they**. Having killed the wildlife they pile up the bodies and limbs and leave them around.

The wrecking goes on. Everywhere you walk you come across the signs of destruction. They really must hate this place and hate nature. Is it possible that there's such a thing as a sensitivity gene? And that some are born without it?

** .... though they are fond of pushing the wreckage into places they believe few people visit.

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