Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Being Nice

What important jobs are not being done in the time taken to decide to do this, to plan it and design something that most people ignore or find simply irritating?

This is the worst yet and as for being nice, the nicest thing I can think of saying about it is that those responsible have completely lost the plot as far as understanding their role in the community. I'm assuming that this is the work of officers of Sheffield City Council's Parks Department or its Public Rights of Way Unit. Is this really the level we've reached? Key Stage 2? Is there nobody in a position of authority who sees employees doing this sort of thing and is there no system within the council for alerting senior staff that there are employees who should be transferred to departments that are chronically understaffed because of central government cuts?

I just wonder if this has come through the MTBers, even  via the Local Access Forum? Recent years have seen a coordinated strategy of bikers yelling "Good Morning" as they raced up to us. No understanding that you may be observing a bird or other form of wildlife, or simply enjoying the peaceful atmosphere. It was of course meant to show that those who do not respond in the way they are meant to are miserable gits. And who is it who decides just how others should respond?

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