Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Down there and up here

Wherever you look the destroyers of trees are at it. Dore is down below Blacka. There it's the highways managers who are just obeying orders. Up on Blacka it's the "nature reserve" managers who are sticking obdurately and blindly to their ill-conceived management plan.

Getting Closer

Where would we be without tree surgeons? These may be next in their sites. Close by SWT's tree surgeons have recently demolished a similar birch leaving an empty space to the right.

The strategy is to go slowly, not making their intentions too obvious to casual visitors; a step or two at a time. Complaints might thus be avoided if people don't realise what's going on, i.e. that most of the trees are ultimately to be removed to make way for their preferred landscape type, that of a grouse moor. After all why should nature take precedence over what is human designed even if that sector of humanity originates in the privileged landowners of the 18th and 19th centuries ?

No guarantee of safety for this either:

Monday, 4 December 2017


One of those days when the daws put aside their excitability and agree to process perfectly behaved  along the same route and at the same height. Thousands rather than hundreds clear above and just visible as tiny specks  in the distance.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Friday, 1 December 2017

Peak District Failure

The recent post on absence of birds of prey on Blacka was written before seeing this article. It's depressing to see confirmed that there are so many people around in Derbyshire and South Yorkshire who see wildlife as only valued as something to shoot at. And it really is worth asking what on earth the PDNPA has been doing when it's failed to protect wildlife over the years.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Blacka Woodland

Moss World

Many other worlds around. Sometimes we need to look more closely to see what is living there.