Thursday, 2 October 2014

Bridleway Debacle

Sheffield's Public Rights of Way Department is telling us that the decision to make a bridleway at the quiet north east corner of Blacka Moor was taken 2 years ago. Now is the first time we've heard about it. Dore Village Society were not asked for their views. No local councillors were told. No regular users. There was no RAG meeting discussion - in fact no RAG meetings at all. The Local Access Forum did not discuss it.

I owe an apology to Ride Sheffield, it seems. I had previously written, pretty intemperately, that this was the result of lobbying from them. In this case I now believe them to be innocent. In fact they themselves are objecting to the bridleway and for similar reasons to mine. That's a surprise but has to be good news. Next we need to harness the support for this place to remain a quiet corner.