Monday, 15 October 2007

Could This Happen Here?

This photo of a deer impaled on a wire fence is from the website of the action group who are campaigning against the conservation management with fencing and grazing at Ashdown Forest in East Sussex.

The fawn I saw on Blacka on Friday (see link, and here) could easily blunder into the four stranded barbed wire fence with a similar appalling result.

It's time now for the brutal anti-wildlife trust to remove this fence and get back some credibility with the local users of Blacka.

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Anonymous said...

I look upon deer as being nothing more than "rodents". They destroy crops, hard worked gardens, flower beds, fields, and everything else in their path. So along side deaths by way of fencing, society will see an increase in everyday common folk taking to rifles and bows and arrows in order to address such nuisance grazers.