Monday, 7 September 2009

First Glimpse

One of those magical moments, the first sight of a hind with its young calf. making all those mornings walking in rain and mud and fighting off midges worthwhile. Seen this morning through a haze caused by fine driving rain as the sun forced its way through. We have been frustrated for many weeks, in fact all the summer, feeling sure there was at least one hind safely concealed in the most inaccesible parts hiding in the bracken. Meanwhile stags had all but disappeared from Blacka. The most striking thing is the size of the young deer already. The hind has kept it well hidden all these weeks until it's deemed strong enough to cope with the more open world. At first, at a distance I wondered if it was two hinds, but the body language of the hind and the shyness of the calf behind her told the story.

I would guess the birth took place fairly early in the year. Another walker says she has seen a stag and hind in another part of Blacka also this morning. The autumnal weather may be bringing more of them back.

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