Tuesday, 28 June 2011

What's your 'ology?

We see occasional groups of twitchers in spring and we see magic mushroom gatherers in autumn. But I'm disappointed not to see dung-lovers or perhaps they should be called ordurologists. After all Blacka should by now have become a mecca for hobbyists for whom this is their passion. Where are these people? Defenders of the indefensible sometimes throw away any pretence at honesty and go overboard for insincerity. One such was the warden at North Lees whose self-image was of the bluff no-nonsense sort. 'Lovely muck' he said, the implication being that it was good for the land - yet he was defending the management of heathland with its nutrient-poor soils. I wonder if he ever persuaded anybody of anything?

The area near the top gate should now become a tourist attraction for aficionados of the brown stuff. Blacka as is well known is part of a SSSI which stands for Site of Special S*** Interest.

Further across to the north around Cowsick bog the cattle have been performing more heroic deeds: They have been doing their best to eliminate that vile weed Bog Asphodel which misguided visitors come to photograph in July. It will be interesting to see how successful they have been over the next weeks. Anyway I'm sure SWT will consider this.........

.. to be an improvement on last year (the identical spot).

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