Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Set Aside

So when the EU insisted some years ago that farmers should leave areas of their land as ‘Set-Aside’ it was hailed as being good for wildlife and the environment and the farmers were awarded their farm grants.

It had been the intensive farming over previous decades that had led to the decline in wildlife so farmers were being rewarded with a bribe to do less farming.

Now in the Humpty Dumpty world of the conservation industry wildlife trusts and RSPB etc are working hard to get land that should not be farmland designated as agricultural land to get the very grants that were originally intended to woo farmers away from farming all their land. It’s all about money, folks; and being in control etc.

So land that should never have been anything but 'set aside' from farming is now farmland just to keep conservation managers in jobs.

Upside Down?

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