Sunday, 21 July 2013

A Young Life

Young deer on Blacka Moor are not in danger from predators such as wolf or lynx that would be around if we only had a more natural landscape. Man himself can be a problem. The severe winter this year must have been a serious shock to the system. But throughout the mother hinds have been close by and looking on.

Now only just a year old a young stag has suffered a, surely fatal, broken leg probably from leaping over a wall and into some logs lying awkwardly on the other side. However much you're aware of the inevitable state of life in the wild it's hard to resist the welling anthropomorphism telling you that it's so unfair. This is probably the one we've watched from his first spotty appearance and whose mother could occasionally be seen doting on him until just recently. This post now seems a bit prescient.

One Year

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