Friday, 13 September 2013

Given a Name

If you give something a bad name that's how it behaves.

The Ugly Milk Cap skulks close to the  ground ashamed of itself. The Tawny Grisette is common and unmissable just now.

It's an attractive name and usually it is attractive.But it's an Amanita and they've certainly got a bad name as a group which includes  some of the most poisonous mushrooms. You can't get more of a bad name than Death Cap and Destroying Angel. Tawny Grisette is probably pretty inoffensive in itself, but caution is necessary with the Amanitas.

Grisette itself is not exactly a flattering name arising from the term used for ladies of easy virtue on the streets of Paris who wore grey. The book by Abbe Prevost, Manon Lescaut, uses the word and it's repeated in operas based on his story by Puccini and Massenet.

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