Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Village

In the case of Dore it's The Village. Blessed with many advantages not found in other Sheffield districts and a streak of independence, being apart yet part of. There are certainly some fine houses there but to me one of its greatest advantages is that there is no through main road with traffic blight to  hustle through it separating one side from another. Its other unbeatable asset is of course Blacka Moor and those lucky residents are privileged who can pull aside their curtains in the morning and look up here imagining the woods and secret places harbouring wildlife.

They may even be looking in my direction as I explore those secrets as the sun rises. This morning the heavens provided some lighting effects to flatter Dore when its residents were rising from their beds. I don't look towards Fairthorn apartments if I can help it and hope that King Ecgbert's School is not too conspicuous but most other aspects are enough to maintain premium property values.

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