Saturday, 5 September 2015

Are You A Believer?

We have now reached the point, surely, where only those below a certain IQ level believe anything that originates in a press release. There is a superb example in the Western Daily Press from the BASC -British Association for Shooting and Conservation.

.....British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) survey on the personal value of shooting found that 95% of people said shooting was important to their personal wellbeing and 84% said it helped their physical wellbeing.
On average each person made 20 friends through shooting. A total of 91% said they would spend less time outdoors if they could not shoot. Almost 90% said shooting gives them moderate to intense physical activity while 71% said their levels of physical activity would be reduced without their shooting activities.
As the commenter below the line says:

So an organisations that supports shooting animals asks people that enjoy shooting animals if they thought it helped their wellbeing. (!!) ........ I don't need to kill anything in order to enjoy life and neither do the vast majority of people and I can enjoy a visit to the countryside without killing anything and I don't have to kill anything to get butterflies in my garden.
The involvement of UnNatural England in this propaganda simply serves to confirm what we've been noticing for years. This body is run by a board appointed by the government and is stuffed with shooters, dessicated landowners and sundry self servers  who could have come out of Trollope.

We now await a press release from the World Federation of Waterboarders, Thumbscrew Operators and Assorted Torturers telling us how cruel it would be to deny them the opportunity to carry on a trade which gives them such a feeling of wellbeing.
Closer to home SRWT has been putting out its own bit of puffery about Blacka Moor telling those daft enough to believe them what a grand job they've been doing here over the summer. Top of their list in the first sentence is 'keeping the paths open and accessible throughout the summer'. What heroes.

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