Monday, 17 December 2007

Much Rime But Less Reason

Shards of Rime under the trees covering paths in crystal.

Some spectacularly seasonal views especially on Saturday morning when a cold and foggy atmosphere the previous evening then turned to a still frosty night leaving the sun to rise on trees encased in rime. Only the slightest breeze is needed to deposit all onto the ground below which has happened on the succeeding mornings.

Reading through SWT's latest minutes takes one into a world devoid of reason and overflowing in wish fulfilment. That meeting was an 'on-site' meeting and one has to imagine a party of consultees wandering about Blacka Moor producing collective wisdom. Alas there's not much of that. But plenty of self deception which presumably they wish will become a similar deception for those with time to read it. First it's not a consultation or a minuted meeting at all. It's a 'report' from two people telling the reader a story which they want to put across. If the things reported were actually said it must have been something like a lecture. Just to take one example: according to SWT's manager it was a spectacular year for bog asphodel. No, it wasn't. The last two years have been good but this year it was a poor show because SWT had dammed up the streams making people walk off the path onto the bog asphodel beds. Then they came along themselves and trampled it worse while they laid paving stones down. So why say it was 'spectacular'? Because they know they made a mess of it but want to persuade outsiders that all was well. What do you call this - spin, PR, or just storytelling?

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