Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Crop and Crap...and Crap...and Crap again

It beggars belief that anyone could dream of managing a nature reserve in this way, claiming it is necessary for the SSSI status and biodiversity strategy. I assure doubters that this happens and that this short scene is but a snippet of something that goes on for half a mile. You truly can't have a tiny micro of respect for these people however many doubts you might have had before. I confess I was slow on the uptake. It was hard for me to believe that qualified people turned out by our universities and working for such a noble cause as wildlife could be either charlatans or utterly incompetent. Doubts have always hung around. Was there something I wasn't getting? All these people in a growing employment sector so sure of themselves could not be wrong? I should have remembered the bankers and the MPs.

Trust your eyes is a good precept.

The shaky camera work must be forgiven. Put it down to excitement. You don't see this every day. Only in nature reserves it seems. It is only a very small part of the pasture land on Blacka and you must take my word for it that it goes on and on and on in much the same way and it's been going on all year: it's that land which was ungrazed for much of last year and which was full of wild flowers before sheep and their crapping returned from late summer to be joined by cows and their ditto, or should that be sh***o?

Does the wider public know about this? Does the BBC wildlife programming talk about this? Do the newspapers in their weekend country columns mention this? When will they start doing so and stop recycling conservation industry press releases?

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