Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Ever Present

One of the ways the conservation workers love to torment us is through their systematic policy of leaving their mark wherever you go. Just as we think we're enjoying a fairly natural scene on a solitary walk they intrusively thrust their presence at you. It was referred to in the post Leg Cocking, and it's a defining mark also of those  more badly housetrained mountain bikers who cast off energy drink containers beside the paths.

Do we have to have piles of logs left here to remind us that the current fashion is for more and more 'management' of the woodland?

And letting people know about it as if they are in some sort of clumsy educational role. Just as good is the suitable material imported to remind us that this should not be considered a 'natural site' - in this case concrete kerbstones across the bridleway. How could they do that? You will only understand once you have met them.

Then there are the inevitable A4 laminated notices; this one on the gatepost has not been removed since last year and as usual when you read it you see that it is either propaganda or simply untrue.

If you can be bothered you can read that the cattle 'are grazing' the 'heathland' from May to October: well no, it was from June to half way through December.

Like the poor and Christian's burden,  SWT are always with us.

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