Thursday, 31 January 2013

Mixed News

The Good News.

I've been worried that I've not seen any hinds for some weeks. An incident after Christmas when a vehicle had been used to knock a gate over left us remembering that there are some very unpleasant examples of low life around. Since then the spell of real winter meant it was not so easy to get around in the secret places where they might be expected to shelter.

Now this morning a small group was seen keeping very close to the edge of the wood. Better still the young calf with the devoted mother was among them.

The Bad News

SWT have been meddling again. They have brought in a tractor to cut the heather and bilberry ostensibly to create two firebreaks. It's not just that this is a waste of time. It's also gross and ugly.

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Mark Fisher said...

The good news is really good. I always get anxious when i go for periods without seeing any roe deer in local woods. Its been made worse recently by idiots on quad bikes and scramblers, who don't just scare away the deer.

Your bad news is just bizarre. It must have been on the list of interventions they probably get funding for, and so the dogma has to be played out. Firebreaks? How can they justify the grazing ostensibly so that the heather and bilberry will thrive, and then mow it?