Wednesday, 7 October 2015

At Your Own Pace

It's colour that makes autumn what it is but there's no agreement among trees and their smaller companions about when to put on the new habits. Humans wait for the new season from M&S or Primark to tell them what to wear and when. Nature obstinately goes at its own pace.
Here oak has hardly moved from what we saw two weeks ago, while birch is clearly changing.

Bracken can't stay green when colder nights are around and will continue to make a colourful contribution to views through much of the winter.

Bramble here plays harlequin but must be the most bi-polar of native wild plants. A few become dazzlingly extrovert while often there's much green bramble leaf well into the new year.

Alder traditionally declines to join the party, remaining glossy green until it's time to turn dull brown before leaf-fall.

Others are more inclined to exhibitionism.

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