Sunday, 15 November 2015


Alright, I said no comment was needed, but just in case the message was not obvious  ........

The Blacka Moor Management Plan went through and was signed off by Sheffield's Directors and Cabinet Members. Now if you complain about anything they are doing, such as tree felling,  SRWT refer you to the Management Plan as if to say you've had your chance to have your say.

The Streets Ahead scheme also went ahead after being signed off by Sheffield's Directors and Cabinet Members. This included the plans to fell numerous roadside trees. Once a grass roots campaign got going SRWT jumped on the bandwagon and identified it as a campaign against tree felling that they support. Did they make representations before it went through Cabinet? I'm pretty sure they did not.

They will jump on any bandwagon that helps to raise their profile and may increase membership among people who don't know what they are really like when they are the managers. Smithy Wood is another example. Principles and consistency are not to be expected in those whose main aim is empire building.

I support the need to keep roadside trees, but can anyone claim that the woodland  in this picture with its mix of different trees is of less value than street trees anywhere in Sheffield?

Yet many of the trees there including larch* and pine are rated as undesirable by SRWT and could be for the chain saw. Some pine and larch have already been felled elsewhere on Blacka.

* The larch in the centre was felled last weekend.

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