Tuesday, 17 November 2015

"Yes, But That's Different"

It doesn't take a lot of guessing to know what SRWT will say if you accuse them of cutting trees down here and then supporting the Sheffield campaign to save street trees.

I'll quote them in advance ..... "But it's not the same thing at all. That's about city streets and this here is about good land management*"

Hmm!  Well they can speak for themselves but I don't buy it. A tree is a tree and those out here are just as valuable as, and in many ways more than those in the suburbs. In fact the health of our local streets depends on having trees growing in the hills, soaking up the rainwater that otherwise adds to the threat of flooding lower down.

Very interesting to see one major difference: Try Googling Sheffield Save Our Trees on Google Images and what do you notice? Then scroll through the recent posts on this blog that deal with concerns about tree felling on Blacka. It's pretty obvious. All the pictures that come up on this blog are pictures of trees. The others are dominated by pictures of people, campaigners ( and the same people come up on a number of them, the usual rentalobby including local politicians who only join in when they know the bandwagon has gathered momentum.)

None of which is to say that the roadside trees are not a worthy cause. But who's standing up for the beauty of nature out here?


* ... good land management, also known as Good Agricultural Condition. In other words land fit for Crop and Crap.

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