Thursday, 10 December 2015

Puzzle Time

The Sheffield Moors are notably short in the tree department, SMP managing the land with livestock to keep trees from growing, and making a fetish of so-called 'open landscapes'.

So my reaction to seeing these tweets coming from EMP during National Tree Week  is bewilderment.

This tweet tells us how grand Birch is and how abundant it is in the uplands. Would it were so on the Eastern Moors. The trouble is that most of the uplands managed by EMP, particularly Big Moor, is notoriously free from trees and will remain so if the present grazing policy continues. Birch is also being systematically persecuted along with other trees on large areas of Blacka Moor.

This tweet tells us how fine a tree is the Beech. That also is on SRWT’s Blacka Moor target list for ethnic-cleansing style removal.


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