Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Streets Ahead

Streets Ahead is the name of Sheffield City Council's £2 billion road maintenance contract with Amey.

White lining and double yellow are eagerly anticipated here along with conspicuous signage indicating lane priorities. The new route will already have been registered on Amey's winter gritting schedule. To go by last year's experience on the nearby Cowsick Bog Bypass, gritting will be essential if health and safety guidelines are not breached.

Even so, I understand that some who've spent large amounts on quality walking boots are a bit piqued finding they could have stuck with that pair of 15 year old carpet slippers.

As it happens, SRWT have specially arranged the several days of torrential rain to illustrate the need for these flagstones.

It's deemed not relevant that for much of the year this section is dry.

So much for those who believe that getting one's boots muddy is a human right enshrined in articles and  protocols of the European Convention.

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