Sunday, 3 January 2016

What Does It Take?

.... and how long?

Friends of Blacka Moor, and  a few others, have been calling for more trees in our hills for a long time. Now the debate has at last reached the media in the wake of the disastrous floods. Articles such as this one are merely stating the obvious. You really do mess with natural processes and natural succession at your peril. Or rather, at someone else's peril.  Because the scandal in all this is that much of this land has been kept treeless for the benefit of highly privileged people who live somewhere else and don't have to suffer the effects.

The self interest of these people and the brainwashing of generations of local people who have been led to believe that open treeless uplands are desirable would be entertaining in a work of fiction. In reality it's just depressing.

But what's truly baffling if not perverse is the conservation industry on Blacka. They are cutting down trees. Native trees! And doing all in their power to prevent trees from growing.


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