Friday, 24 November 2017

News! SWT Likes Trees!

Ah, Sheffield Wildlife Trust is tweeting about National Tree Week. Now they are in charge of Blacka, so how will they celebrate here?

So with conservation organisations throughout the land competing to claim how they're planting trees what might we expect from SWT?
Tree planting on the bare barren slopes now used just for sheep? Replacements for those removed over recent years on the 'precious' heathland?
Well, no actually. Most likely judging from observations in recent years would be a general look around for more victims for their chainsaw policy.
If we meet one of them next week we should ask them how many trees they've planted on Blacka over the last 5 years.
You should be quite safe to offer to buy them a pint for each one.

Well isn't that interesting? Having posted the above I now discover that SWT's tweet no longer exists. Have they deleted it?
Sunday: now reappeared along with my reply.

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