Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Jokers, But No Joke

The mindless slaughter of trees continues while those responsible still try to get brownie points from criticising the city council and its PFI contractors for destroying street trees. Hypocrisy never goes away does it?

I sometimes wonder if any of SWT's employees ever listens to or reads the comments and criticisms of member of the public. I was once told for instance that an instruction had gone down from above that they should not read this blog. Presumably for fear of being corrupted? If true that is a wonderful joke but still a great tragedy for trees and woodland.

Now one of the most beautiful walks is further spoiled. It had already been compromised brutally by the installation of barbed wire fencing. Now, on the other side of that excrescence,  more trees have been cut to further their ideology of tree starved heathland. The evidence of the destruction can be clearly seen.

No wonder the stag can't wait to withdraw into the woods.

And to rub salt into wounds the area to the north of the fence and the path has been strewn with large amounts of spoilage from the logging operations. This had before been a lovely sight for eyes drawn to the natural evolution of woodland with trees living and dying and decaying with no influence from man.

Shame on them.

One wonders how hard we should be on what is largely just rank ignorance. If they don't know they are doing wrong should we treat them as merely uneducated children? But it's more than that of course. The managers know very well and indeed structured their whole approach to be able to disclaim responsibility: the best they can say to counter criticism though, is a pathetic response:

"It's in the management plan."    We're entitled to ask "Who put it there?"

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