Friday, 6 January 2012

In Due Course

Sheffield Moors Partnership claims to exist to ensure a unified approach across the whole of the moorland to the west of Sheffield. It is supposed to be doing this through a plan - a 'Master Plan', no less. One of the reasons for scepticism about this is that the Eastern Moors Partnership, a core member of SMP has gone ahead with its own plans irrespective and only months before the supposed Master Plan is produced. So what will happen I wonder: will the SMP's Master Plan be carefully crafted to ensure it fits in with the EMP's already written plan? For those of us who've observed the conservation industry at work nothing could surprise us. What's truly amazing though is the lack of embarrassment at the the exposure of their phony claims.
The consultation on the EMP plans closed in October. Final plans will follow, we are told, "in due course". Sheffield Moors Partnership consultation starts in the next few weeks. Friends of Blacka Moor's response to the EMP consultation, sent in October, can be read here.

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