Wednesday, 23 May 2012


The last I heard from the manager of the Eastern Moors was that he had no designs on this piece of Totley Moor to the west of the track that separates it from Blacka. He may have not wanted to get into a justification that could lead to another argument about grazing with cattle/sheep. He said intervention was not in his plans as this part was ‘not treeing-up’. Sounds like a children’s game from the middle ages. Well parts of the land are showing some spirit and young trees are growing and good for them say I.

Nothing could be more dull than the arboreally-deprived pasture land over the fence.

What happens from now on may have something to do with the deer. Four stags were there this morning. But then we keep getting told that they do different things to farm livestock. Not programmed properly I suppose.
And who programmes the managers?

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