Monday, 30 March 2015

How They Play With Us

The statement from RSPB*/Eastern Moors dated 13th March was issued only to those expressing concern about their cull. And that came only after the cull was publicised by Friends of Blacka Moor in the Sheffield Telegraph and on the Sheffield Forum. That indicates an intention to keep the decision quiet and only to respond if the whistle was blown. It’s categorically not transparency.  In fact it indicates a disrespect for the public, some may say contempt. The implication is that people in general cannot be trusted to understand their actions in these complex matters.
(Just think if voting in general elections was organised in this way: Parties keep their plans close to their chests and only disclose when put under pressure, leaving most of us ‘plebs’ in the dark.)

The statement comes across as carefully calibrated almost certainly with help from RSPB’s high command amongst its bureaucratariat at The Lodge where, of course, there’s no direct knowledge of local situations but ample experience of managing people.

It confirms that conservation industry operatives feel qualified to act as God. As we know “God moves in a mysterious way, his wonders to perform” so has no obligation to justify his actions.

I rather like this comment on a bible website
I absolutely love this verse. God is always doing things and Im always asking why... i never understand. But what he does is always for a reason. I may not understand right now but later I will.”
That sums up the attitude most large organizations hope to see in their supporters.

Let’s just examine one of the arguments RSPB puts forward in this statement to justify a shooting policy:
If left unchecked the deer numbers will grow to a point where the deer themselves over utilise the resources on the moors and have to spread further afield to find food and shelter, reducing the amount  of wildlife the moors can support
This is assuming they spend all their time already on Big Moor. Some may, but others already wander across further parts of Sheffield Moors as acknowledged earlier in the statement. There’s no indication that the management understands the balance across the whole area of deer impact nor any idea that they  have considered impacts on Blacka and elsewhere. Nor do they tell us that farm animals will be removed!

Another fine touch is the conclusion:
the cull will be:
carried out by professionals in deer management in a sensitive and respectful way to both deer and other wildlife on site, with minimal disruption to how the public enjoy the moors
Hands up those who believe the person who wrote this had personal experience of the conscientiousness and humane approach of the men with guns. Imaginations must be racing away trying to put an image to this respectful shooting. Will prayers be said for example? And shouldn't something be added at the end, such as .......

 "...minimal disruption to how the public enjoy the moors .. and their roast venison"

* National Trust is an equal partner.

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