Monday, 9 January 2017

Month of the Jackdaw

There was once a film/book about a character nicknamed 'The Jackal'. I probably saw it a long time ago. All I can remember is an assassin putting together a rifle at a high window.

I think of January as The Month of the Jackdaw. It's when it's hard to ignore this resourceful bird. It's usually early in the new year that one appears in my garden at the bird feeders meant for tits; unlike some others he's clever enough to get what he wants. His brain compensates for natural awkwardness.

The jackdaws that roost in the woods to the east of Blacka are now set in their morning routine, flying off in large parties to the west, returning in mid to late afternoon. On calm mornings they may appear as small specks high in the sky but are canny enough to swoop low to the ground when the west wind blows calling out their 'chuck-chuck' or jack jack'.

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