Friday, 16 January 2015

Interpretation/Indoctrination/Education ...

... a sort of variant of Tony Blair.

At least it shows a greater vocabulary.

Now we are to have more and more pedantic stuff from SRWT consistent with their determination to interpret everything to serve their own purposes. According to their plan (past posts passim) they are intent on overwhelming us with even more propaganda. A new supa-dupa board is due to be installed at Compost Fortress to tell us all about the spiffingly wonderful work they are doing. Will it have interactive displays and flashing lights? Possibly but it's a certainty that it will extol the virtues of more and more management, more and more farming and more and more cow crap.

In fact it's due to replace the Compost Corner facility altogether for the reason that the elegant structure is useless. SWT never tried to use it properly and it's doubtful they knew how. This has been a joke for years but also seriously symbolic of SWT's approach and working practices. We learned later that on the strength of this edifice and similar succesful constructions, SWT were setting up to run practical classes in country crafts charging something like £80 a day. It brings a tear  to the eyes each time we walk past it. Originally the uprights were much higher and even SWT was embarrassed after it became subject to much mockery; they then sawed off a couple of feet from each post making it slightly less prominent. At one RAG meeting a suggestion was made that battlements might be incorporated into the design in recognition of it dominating the view from most parts of Blacka.  On another occasion a notice was found attached to the board announcing that it had won an award from the Royal Society of British Architects. It was a spoof but at least one local walker was initially taken in by it.

Now it will go. Unless English Heritage steps in before it's too late. I hope that the regulars will be given notice of the date of its demolition. A ceremony with a rendition of  the Last Post could be arranged.

But what about this new high-spec notice board that's planned? However many times SWT hears people tell them that we don't want marketing and information boards they insist on going ahead. There is an organisational compulsion to evangelise and it seems to matter not that they do it without sensitivity or elegance.

They even claim that this satisfies the criteria of the Sheffield Moors Partnership to minimise visual pollution because it restricts such interpretative panels to site entrances. Come again? SMP is supposed to bring harmony across different organisations. Well it may be the entrance to land managed by SWT but all the land around is SMP land and there is supposed to be a seamless transition from one to to others. To the right is land managed by EMP to the left land managed by SRWT. Does the change have to be shouted at us?

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