Saturday, 10 January 2015

The Essence

Essentially SWT (now SRWT) is about people wanting to pursue a career in land management and looking around for land  to manage. The draft management plan presently in draft form and out for responses encapsulates this, well hardly succinctly because it's too drawn out, but in one place. It's about making a case for intervention in a largish land area when many would say let's allow nature to go its own way.

The way they go about it is really quite straightforward. A decision is made that they wish to create as much opportunity for intervention as possible and they then look around for as many justifications as possible. What's wrong with this? The problem is that it's entirely the opposite process to what should really be happening. An honest approach would start with nature and accept that a default of no intervention should apply. Only in extreme situations with wide consultation should anyone try to fight natural processes. To them this is identified as a threat to their careers.

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