Sunday, 11 January 2015

"Please Love Me"

There's a story about a sad postman who has no friends and never gets letters. He becomes so jealous of those whose letters he delivers that he steals some of their letters and writes letters to himself.*  This was before the age of social media. It came to mind when reading another document associated with SRWT's management plan, a report on comments made in their dodgy public engagement events.

Some of the comments reported are so obviously written by SRWT people themselves that you wonder yet again at their failure to see they will be found out. It's another example of the survival of the school playground in the practices of local conservation charities.

They've made this easy by making all comments anonymous. And that's even easier with an online consultation when one person can make many comments; they don't even need a pseudonym. They have form on this.

I think you're doing a great job. Keep it up

Common practice in the advertising industry for many many years. Why should the conservation industry be any different?

Says Mrs D. of Parkhead. " My life has changed since I started to use the new Blacka. I would never have thought that barbed wire and cowpats could make such a difference. My thanks go out to all the wonderful people at Stafford Road"

* May be by the wonderful children's author, Joan Aiken. ( Actually she also wrote much excellent adult fiction)

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