Sunday, 22 February 2015


What would we do without managers? Well just to respond to the odd voice that claims I'm too hard on them, this simple tale:

A rather enjoyable path was spoiled by a very boggy stretch where boots themselves have been known to cry out in complaint. At the years end a heavy snowfall brought down a large birch tree right across the muddy section. People walking that way quickly worked out that they could make a slight detour of a metre or two avoiding both the fallen tree and the quagmire, a perfect solution.Within days the new diversion was established. The fallen tree had become a feature adding to the natural beauty of a special part of the woods.

Along came managers with chain saws. The fallen tree was sliced off along the path. Tree parts were thrown over to form a barrier across the new diversion. The old muddy section was reinstated, if anything more soggy than ever. The fallen tree was left with truncated limb parts displayed in cross section. (Crosses mark the now aborted diversion.)

Neat one.

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